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Why Isaiah 11?

By integrating our therapy animals into the treatment process, we are able to make therapy immediately engaging, relaxing, and effective. Animals create a special type of environment for clients, one that quickly helps clients feel comfortable and at ease. This helps facilitate rapport with the therapist as well as helping clients get to difficult or sensitive issues more quickly. There are several ways that animals enrich the therapy environment for clients and can be preferable to regular therapy.

  • Most clients naturally feel comfortable with animals and have positive feelings when in an animal’s presence. This makes the counseling process more positive and enjoyable for clients. They look forward to seeing their animal co-therapist each week.
  • We have found that when an animal is present people are able to focus more on relevant issues in the present, rather than on the anger of the past or fears of the future. This makes therapy time more productive.
  • Research has found that clients are often more motivated and invested in the treatment process when a therapy animal is present.
  • Each of our therapy animals have been rescued and have their own stories. This makes the animals particularly sensitive to the fears, stress and anxiety of others. Our therapy animals are particularly calming and nurturing to our clients.

Isaiah 11 Weekly Groups

Barn Group: Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm and includes animal care, dinner, games and activities. Open to boys and girls of mixed ages, usually from about age 8-25. Parents are welcome to attend if they choose. Children can bring cupcakes or other treats to celebrate their birthdays if they wish.

Girls’ Club: Wednesdays from 4:30-6pm and includes arts/crafty activities, activities with horses, animal care and a snack. Open to any girl who wishes to attend. Ages are typically 7-25. Moms are welcome to stay if they wish.

We Also Offer

  • Professional Individual Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Tutoring
  • Pet sitting while owners are not able to care for their beloved pets
  • Small group therapy and Bible studies
  • Teen and Preteen “Barn Groups”
  • Girls Club
  • Nutrition Classes
  • A peaceful place for people to enjoy
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Theraplay based counseling
  • Theophostic Prayer Ministry
  • Counseling to help those dealing with trauma and attachment issues..esp foster and adoptive families
  • Support group for those dealing with attachment/trauma issues

No client is turned away because of inability to pay for services. Many who can’t pay choose to offer voluntary service at the farm in return, but this is not required.