Hi, My name is Tippy.  My human mom, Linda, said I get to be the first of the animals to tell my story.  In September of 2010, my brother and I were taken to the wildlife rescue where Linda was renting space for her counseling office.  Some friends of friends had heard about my brother and me and decided we needed help.  The wildlife rehabber was told we had been bitten by a neighbor’s bigger dog.  We were only about 8 weeks old.  The rehabber took us to the vet who determined we had been burned on our backs by either hot liquid or acid.  The vet taught the rehabber how to scrub our burns and apply medication.  It hurt a LOT, but we knew she was helping us so we didn’t growl or try to bite her.  She taught Linda how to do our treatments too and Linda took care of us for a couple days while the rehabber was out of town.  A nice lady adopted my brother and named him Toby.  Linda told the rehabber she wanted to adopt me.  So she did and named me Tippy because of the white on the tips of all my toes.  Now Linda is my mom and I live with her and go to the ministry farm with her.  I like going there and playing with all my friends.  Even more, I like helping my mom when she is counseling clients.  She says I’m a good therapy dog.  Sometimes I jump up on clients laps and lick their tears.  Other times I have let little kids who are scared lay on top of me and cuddle while they talk about people who have hurt them.  Mom’s clients ask about my scar (no fur ever grew where my burn was) and hearing my story helps them talk about their past abuse and neglect.  It is easy for me to tell if I should be playful and silly or calm and loving depending on how the client is acting.  I admit I am spoiled and don’t always listen when Mom calls me.  I like to run and meet new friends so everybody has learned, “Careful, don’t let Tippy out!”



Hi!  I am a little miniature donkey named Hosanna.  I wasn’t really a rescue animal.  Linda found me at a swap meet when I was only 8 months old.  On an impulse, Linda bought me.  I had long shaggy bangs and nobody was quite sure what I was.  Linda walked around the swap meet with me, answering questions.  One man wanted to know what she was going to do with me.  She explained how she uses various animals in her Christian counseling ministry.  He asked her what my name was.  At that point I didn’t have a name.  About 15 minutes later Linda and I passed the same man again.  He said “Hosanna” should be my name.  Linda liked it.  I rode back to the wildlife rehab in a van.  When I got there I met some horses, a pony and a miniature horse.  They became my friends.  There were lots of other animals there too.  I didn’t like dogs very much and I tried to chase and kick them.  I even tried to hurt Linda’s little dog Tippy.  Now Tippy and I are friends but I sometimes still try to get to dogs I don’t know.  I have a very loud voice and let everybody know when I think it is time to eat or get out of my stall.  When Linda moved to a temporary office I stayed in a pasture with some cows.  They quickly became my friends.  Now I live at the Isaiah 11 ministry farm.  I have my own stall right across from my best friend Esther.  Honeybee the dog has a bed next to my stall and sometimes her blankets end up in my stall.  We aren’t telling how they get there.  I love to be brushed and I like to dress up in my straw hat.  Linda uses me in various ways in her counseling with kids and adults alike.


Hi, I am named after Queen Esther in the Bible. When Linda first met me I was barely a year old and had open sores from rain rot, 2 injured legs, and my ribs and hip bones stuck out badly. Pretty much I was a walking bag of bones covered by skin. The name Esther was given me because Linda believed I could become beautiful in body and spirit. I have grown so tall and everyone comments on how beautiful I have become. I trust people a lot more now and I have become kind of feisty. Linda says that it’s good that I have a strong spirit. One of my leg injuries will never heal completely, so I can never be ridden. However, I have learned that I have value just the same!

Peace and Ali

Let us introduce ourselves! Our names are Peace and Alleluia (Ali). We were both at a rescue called Eyes Got Hope before we came to Isaiah 11 Ministry. Peace was formerly a race horse who was rescued from abusive treatment at the track. Not much is known about my (Ali’s) history. What the people at the ministry do know is that when we arrived at the ministry we were scared and reluctant to trust anybody. Just the sight of a saddle and blanket or bridle caused us to rear and buck. Now Peace allows the saddle to be put on her back but she still gets really upset if anyone tries to put a bit in her mouth. I (Ali) am still hesitant about the whole blanket and saddle thing but I am not quite so scared. We love it that everyone here at Isaiah 11 is so patient with us.


My name is Percy and I am a black and white pot belly pig. I first lived with my mom and brothers and sisters on a farm but then my mom died. The people who owned the farm brought me and my siblings in the house and fed us milk but couldn’t keep all of us. Linda found out about us and asked if one of us could come live on the ministry farm. The people picked me because I was the runt and also very friendly. Linda took me to her house and I thought that maybe I was a dog because I played with Tippy. Tippy liked to lick my face and my empty dish after I had my milk, I liked to sneak some of the dog food. When I got big enough, Linda took me to a room at the ministry she had set up just for me. I had blankets and old jackets to snuggle in, a kennel with a heater blowing on it, toys to play with, and a litter box. Most of all I get lots of attention.


Max and Pickles

Hi, we are two white ducks. I, Max, came here to Isaiah 11 first. My owners moved and left me abandoned in a barn. Linda and a couple friends came and rescued me and for a while I lived with Percy in a pen next to the goats. We had our own swimming pool which we could muddy quickly. Then Linda learned about Pickles. She was little when she came and I admit I picked on her a lot at first. She was pretty scared and I didn’t help. But now, we are best buddies and the goats, Percy and us live together in one big pen. We sometimes pick on the goats and chase Percy. We all love the treats of fruits, veggies and bread that people share with us.

Honey Bee

Hi my name is Honey Bee. I was the first dog to live full time at the ministry. I had been in a shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized when a friend of Linda’s stepped in and saved my life. I was so scared. I could not trust anyone. When I was brought to the ministry farm Linda tried to keep me on a tie out connected to a nice dog house she had set up just for me. I broke every chain or leash or collar. Linda doesn’t know why but she figured out that was too scary for me. So she made a bed for me in the barn right next to Hosanna’s stall and I was allowed to run free during the day. At first I wouldn’t let anyone pet me and I would not take treats from anyone’s hand. I wouldn’t even go in the house. It all was too scary and reminded me of how I had been abused. Now, a year and a half later I love being here and I love attention from people. I sleep inside the house now and I think I run the place. I still get protective of my food and growl if others try to eat out of my bowl. But, other than that, I am told I am very friendly and everyone falls in love with me.

Henry and the Goats

Hi, my name is Henry and I’ve been chosen to be the spokesman for the goats because I was the first one here. Linda had raised my sister Liza and me from when we were little babies. She gave us milk from bottles and we lived with the cats at the rescue. As we got older we refused out goat food and got fat eating cat chow.

When the ministry moved to its current location my sister and I moved here and we had a pen to ourselves. Then one day my sister died. No one knows why. I was so sad and lonely that I kept jumping out of the pen and searching for her. A friend of the ministry heard my story and brought me 2 new friends who are now named Alvin and Simon. We are all black and white goats. We share a pen with Percy the pot belly pig and with Max and Pickles the ducks. We eat each others food and play chase around the pen Simon, Alvin and I like to jump on top of one of the houses in our pen and play king of the mountain. We all like attention and love when we get fed treats of bread or fruit and veggies. Just a couple days ago another goat came to live with us. His name is Otis. He is also black and white but boy is he big. Linda had to have help to make the door to our shelter taller so Otis could get in.

I hear that we are going to have a girl named Hope come live with us pretty soon. I think she is brown and white. Linda and the other people at the ministry are excited that they will be able to milk her.

We love visitors so come see us soon…don’t forget our treats or we might try to eat your hair, or shirt….well hey we really try to do that even if you have treats but we mean no harm. We are really very friendly.


My name is Butterface and I am the most recent addition to the horse family here at Isaiah 11. I am also the biggest one here. I am a pacer and I used to pull a sulky on the racetrack. When it was time for me to retire my owner wanted me to have a good place to live out the rest of my life where I would be loved and get lots of attention. Even though I try to bully the other horses sometimes I am very gentle with the people. I like to make funny faces and give hugs and kisses. I would love to meet you. Come on out and see me and my friends…don’t forget the treats!!!


Hi my name is Abraham and I am a full sized donkey. I came here to Isaiah 11 Ministry after being rescued a few years ago by a family who realized I needed special help. My hooves were very over grown and I was not getting the care I needed. They took really good care of me but the girl who really wanted me left to go to college. This family knew about Isaiah 11 and wanted me to have a place where I would be loved and would have a purpose even though I have to have special care . I was really shy when I came here and the other horses and little Miss Hosanna were not the nicest. Now that we are used to each other I just ignore it when Ali or one of the others try to intimidate me. I love my handfuls of grain morning and night and Hosanna and I share a stall with no problems now. I get lots of attention here including brushing and lots of love. I don’t much like the hoof dressing that I have to have but I know the people do it because they care.

Henry the Eight I am I am

“Henry the Eight I am I am”…yes that’s my name as the only full sized rooster currently at the ministry. The number of hens, and sometimes to my displeasure, other roosters is always in flux here at Isaiah 11. Sometimes Linda and other people go on a rescue operation like they did for me and some of the current hens here. We were living where we received no food and were literally starving. Now, there is no question of going hungry. We get crumbles and scratch grains every day and we get frequent treats of lettuce, grass, dandelions and other yummy veggies and fruits. Other times our numbers increase because someone has chicks with no place for them to go when they get bigger. All the chickens here used to be allowed to range free but there are too many predators around so we are kept safe in our pen. There is also a Banty rooster named Rooster Cogburn who lives in a separate coop with his two ladies Henny Penny and Chicken Little in addition to young unnamed chicks.