Thoughts on Horses

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I’ve been contemplating a couple things quite a bit lately so thought it was time to share them. Be careful what you ask and pray for. Ever since I can remember I have asked for a horse..for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s day etc you get the picture. And I prayed for one so often. My senior year in high school I got a horse and had him for a couple years, but with moving to Chicago area for college, I had to sell him. Still the desire to have a horse again never really faded and I continued to ask..sort of jokingly and pray occasionally for a horse. Now, I never considered that I should pray or ask for the money necessary to provide for the horse or the health/physical condition necessary to ride and care for the horse. Nope I just wanted a horse. Well, God in His infinite wisdom, His timing and with what I think is a great sense of humor, decided I should have the desires of my heart. So in 2011 he provided the answer to my prayers. When Isaiah 11 got a place of its own we also got horses…not a horse but currently 4 horses and 2 donkeys. It is wonderful to be able to provide a place for these animals who needed a home. I love watching them, brushing them, listening to them eat, sharing them with others, and using them in therapy. However, I live half an hour away from the ministry, have a bad hip so I can’t ride and have great difficulty with providing the care and training the horses need and we rely on donations to keep our ministry open. Recently we had the worst cold the area has seen in 20 years requiring extra time and care for all the ministry’s animals. Did I know any of this when I asked for a horse? Would I have still asked if I had known this turn of events? I honestly don’t know. But I do know God hears our prayers and will answer them in the way He knows is best. So, if you are hearing “ no” from God about something you really want, think long and hard about whether there are conditions you know nothing about that go along with your request. Or perhaps it isn’t “ no” you are hearing but “ wait”. I am glad to have the horses at the ministry, glad God trusts us with so many of his creatures…both human and non-human to care for and glad I don’t have the ability to make the decisions He is asked to make all the time. I may not understand His timing but I am glad to know the God who has it all figured out.

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