Sundays Sermon

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Have been doing a lot of thinking about a sermon I heard Sunday. In the midst of trying to create a mango tree, an elephant, some fishes and Mars from jars containing soil, water and air, we were asked what people would see as our priorities if they observed our life. Would they see fame or fortune or popularity or trying to be different from our parents at the top? Or would they see living for Jesus and pointing others to Him as the most important? If not, why did we demote Him? Are we doing our role when raising our children or grandchildren or neighborhood children in showing them the supremacy of Jesus and helping them know He is the boss of all because He made all and owns all? I don’t know about you but I realized there are areas in my life where I am more concerned abut not offending a certain non-believer than I am of teaching children the way, the truth and the life. That has to change because I would rather offend a person than offend my Lord by not giving Him the glory and honor He is due at all times. How about you? What do people see?

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