He Created You That Way

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Recently I have been encouraged to apply for disability. I’ve been thinking and praying alot about that option..Admittedly my hip that needs replacement makes things difficult and I live with daily pain. After all, said a friend ” I wouldn’t hire you. You would be a liability”. I admit it is tempting to think about..hmm money from a fund I’ve paid into over the years. Our family could certainly benefit from more income.. But that would mean proclaiming I cannot work . And there are so many things I can do. I can feed the horses, goats, chickens,ducks, bunnies, fish etc. I can walk some of the dogs and feed the outdoor cats if given enough time. I can plan and run barn group and girl’s’ club. I can use my training to help others through tutoring and counseling. I can pay the bills…given we have the funds.. and sweep the floor and wash the dishes. I can give encouragement and love and offer hope and help others learn about God’s wonderful plan for their life. Are any of these things as easy as they used to be before my hip got so bad? No..certainly not! Do I need alot more help than I did a few years ago? Absolutely!! Are there days when I want to give up and give in to the pain and difficulty? Sometimes. But you know what? As long as God can continue to use me then I think applying for disability is out of the question. If He doesn’t see me as disabled than neither will I. How about you? Are there things you can do? Is there a purpose you can fill? Can you smile at someone who is having a hard day? Can you visit a lonely person in the hospital or nursing home? Can you help a child with homework? Can you give a needy animal a home? Can you tell others about a God who loves them? I bet you will be surprised at all you CAN do…but God won’t be. HE already knows that you have great worth and value..after all He created you that way.

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