Good Plans

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One of our younger chickens and two bunnies are in the house recuperating because they were hurt/bullied by others in their pen or coop. When we first brought them in, our immediate focus was on treating their wounds and getting them hydrated. They were scared and certainly did not trust our intentions. Now they greet us with more than acceptance. They are happy to see us and relax when we hold and pet them. Isn’t this what we hope will happen with people who have been abused or bullied? We need to tend to their immediate physical needs first and then they can begin to trust us and recognize our intentions are meant to help and heal. This is where the similarities between our bullied animals and bullied people stop. With animals we are successful when their bodies heal and their spirit trusts. With people we want to go one more step and help them also know and trust God. We want them to see through us the truth of Jeremiah 29:11. God has good plans for each and every one of us. They are plans designed to bring hope and a great future.

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