Holding On

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Lately the danger of holding on to something for too long has been demonstrated in several ways. The first example was driven home when talking with a young girl who is holding on to anger and unforgiveness. If you fill your heart and mind so much with bitterness and resentment there is no room for the good things..love, joy, friendship…that others may offer.

Then this week as I was with my husband in the hospital after his surgery, we saw the actual pain produced from “ holding “ on to even something good. As a part of his after surgery care his bladder had to be flushed with sterile solution. The solution was good but when there was a blockage and the fluid built up great physical pain followed.

What are you holding onto that prevents you from progressing and recovering? Is there room in your heart for the love and care others are trying to give? Or are you holding on to “ good” things so much that you have become selfish and greedy? Even the word of God is not good if just held onto. We need to share it and live it.

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