Safety of the Pen

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Recently the bunnies lost one of their own because it chose to venture out of the safety of the pen into what apparently seemed more appealing or fun. Inside the pen is safety and security. Fresh food and water are provided daily and the fence keeps predators away. The bunnies can run and play . They can tunnel and dig. They can interact with one another or rest in the shade of the hutch. Yet on more then one occasion one or more of them has decided the rest of the farm looked like more fun in spite of the dangers of dogs and other predators.

Don’t we as God’s people often do the same thing? God gives us limits for our protection. He assures us He will provide for our needs. Yet we want to do our own thing. We want to venture out of the ” pen” and then act surprised when we encounter dangers we can’t handle. We wonder where God is or why He didn’t keep us from danger. Yet all we had to do was stay within His limits.

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