He Equips Those He Calls

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why we do what we do here at Isaiah 11 Ministry. At a Compassion Fatigue Seminar recently I answered that question with “ because I can’t not” That remains so true for me. I remain completely convinced that God has called me to this ministry of helping both hurting people and hurting animals. Any time I get discouraged because of lack of funding, or my own physical challenges I remember that God doesn’t necessarily call the equipped but He equips those He calls. When I see a horse like Esther who was near death’s door a year ago now kick up her heels in play and love on the people who visit her, or hear a husband say that this ministry saved his wife’s life, or hear a teen who said he wasn’t going to talk and didn’t need counseling ask to call for advice in between appointments or witness the way our numerous rescued cats provide love and peace to a woman who arrives all stressed out and with low self- esteem or hear a client ask for more brochures because she knows so many people who could benefit from coming out to the “ animal park” as she calls it or witness kids learn it’s ok to cry and grieve when an animal dies or when I get to laugh and laugh with adults, who , for a time, get to put life’s difficulties aside as they work on a poem for a skit at barn group then I have the answer I need about why. The only answer is because it ‘s what God wants as a way to serve Him and His world and who am I to argue with him.

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