Trust The Process

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Sandy and I (Linda) just returned from an EAGALA training which teaches a model using horses as co-therapists. Throughout the 3 day training and in the materials, we heard over and over again ” trust the process” and don’t focus on the completion of the task as much as on how the client gets there. We also learned to identify our own ” Stuff”…prejudices, value judgments, personal opinions etc. We were reminded again and again to not let our stuff color the client’s perceptions of what was going on.

As we were driving home and relying on the GPS to direct us we jokingly remarked ” trust the process” when our own instincts told us we were not going the right way. This led me to thinking about faith and our relationship to God,

Do we ” trust the process” and let God be God and in control or does our own ” stuff” get in the way. When the bank balance gets low do we trust in God’s promise to provide or do we let our earthly perception of doubt and concern and worry cause us to seek our own solutions? When we pray for relief of pain or answers to questions in relationships do we trust God’s plan or do we try to figure it out on our own with the help of friends or self-help books? Can we relax and ” wait upon the Lord” or do we become inpatient and anxious? I urge you to give this some thought and ” trust the process”

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