Welcome to Isaiah 11 Ministries!

We are a “not-for-profit” corporation that offers counseling, life-coaching, tutoring, for individuals, couples, and families.  Our approach is a little unique compaired to regular counseling centers, we include a special rescued animal into the therapy sessions for a more intimate and comfortable healing process!

We will not turn anyone away based on ability to pay for sessions. Thus, we are a faith-based ministry that relies on the generosity of compassionate individuals, churches and businesses to fund our activities.

We are looking for Volunteers!!!! 

Summer is here and we have plenty of opportunities for YOU to join our team here at Isaiah 11! Feeding and tending to animals, yard work, fundraising opportunities, and so much more! If YOU are interested in joining our summer team please contact
Linda Ozier at 574.549.8071 or
Alisha Coon at 765.244.1841
We look forward to working with you!



A special thank you for those who provide donations to Isaiah 11 Ministries!

Please click the link below to visit our Go Fund Me Campaign! Thank you!

Saving Isaiah 11


Coming Soon—

We love our Animals at Isaiah 11 Ministries and want to share them with you! Soon you will get to meet all of our furry friends! We will soon have a special page for you to meet our Animals and for you to be able to sponsor one of them! When you sponsor an animal they will send you letters on their incredible stories, pictures, and even a special invitation to come meet them face to face! We can’t wait for you to fall in love with these beautiful creatures like we have ourselves!


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