We offer counseling, life-coaching, tutoring, for individuals, couples, and families. Sometimes it is hard to talk to a professional counselor in a “professional” office setting. Although we are professionals – our approach is a little different. We have several rescue animals that are sometimes incorporated into counseling appointments.

Linda Ozier, Executive Director, started as a counselor and worked for different counseling agencies specializing in helping children heal. She already had a cat rescue at her home. One day she had to bring newborn kittens to work with her because the mama cat had passed. One of her clients, a rather withdrawn little boy who had suffered abuse from his estranged father, was having a hard time staying calm while talking about the abuse.

This little boy had learned that when faced with hard things all he could do was strike out by kicking, yelling, hitting… But that fateful day – he held a kitten that was so vulnerable and needy – he was able to reach out and finally talk about the abuse. What an eye opening experience!

Since then Linda has purchased a place with a barn and turned the home into a counseling office. We have rescue horses, goats, chickens, donkeys, bunnies, dogs, ducks, a pot belly pig and cats.

We will not turn anyone away based on ability to pay. Thus, we are a faith-based ministry that relies on the generosity of compassionate individuals, churches and businesses to fund our activities.

We are now a “not-for-profit” corporation!

We are located at: 6256 W. 100 N., Warsaw, IN 46580 or about 5 miles west of Warsaw on 100 N.

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